About Us


Advent Engineers was established by Mr. Chandrabhan G Mishra a qualified Electrical Engineer from one of reputed institute V.J.T.I.,Mumbai . His guidance at every stage of development mad Advent Engineers one of the leaders in the Industry within a very short period. His experiences are with MNC’s like L&T Mumbai, RPG & Rommelog West Germany.
Ever since the company has grown with a foresighted vision, an innovative approach, a pioneering spirit, an indigenously developed technology, the expertise of a highly motivated and professional team, excellent infrastructure facilities and a sales network together synergised for the ultimate expression of customer satisfaction, quality and safety. Today, Advent Engineers is in the next genre with Mr. Manish Mishra, committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. The company has won merit, recognition from the Government of India for its outstanding contribution, especially the Government being its major customer.


After completion of Mechanical Degree from Amravati University in 2003 Manish Mishra took the responsibility of Family Business. He bought freshness into the business; his innovative style of working corresponds to making developmental changes and incorporating modern methods of working. The business got a new mind capable of looking at things from a newer perspective. He is dynamic and sees to it that his learning’s from the education that he has received are put to appropriate use. He has lots of aspirations and dreams about the future and wishes to make it big in life.
He has 14+ years experience in all aspects of electrical arena, extensive experience in Management with expertise in supervising personnel, Outstanding experience in public relations, liaison work with multinational agencies and government officials. Recognized for consistently increasing customer satisfaction by providing them with accurate solutions.


Gupta Manakchandra Rudraprakash is B.sc. (Maths) -1973, B.Tech.(Electronic)-1977 graduate.
Extra Curricular Activities:
• Training given to MSEB/MSETCL/MSPGCL/MSPGCL Employees (Engineers/Tech. Staff)
• Training course attended of S.I.S.I at New Delhi From 01-12-1978 to 28-02-1979

Experience Details:
• HV/EHV Switchgears (CT, PT, Ckt . Breakers etc.) Commissioning & Testing.
• HV/EHV Control/Relay Panel Commissioning Testing.
• Transformer/ICT Commissioning & Testing (Up to 315MVA).
• LBB & Bus-Bar Protection Scheme Commissioning & Testing.
• Capacitor Bank Commissioning & Testing.
• Maintenance of EHV Sub-station equipments.
• Occurrence Analysis.
• Training Conducted on 1) Back up Over Current & Earth Fault, Directional & Non directional Relays, their working, coordination& testing, 2) Transformer Fixtures, 4) Transformer Protection & Testing, 5)Instrument Transformers (CTs, PTs) & testing, 6) Drawings Reading, 7) Fault Finding, 8) Occurrence Analysis.
• Administration of EHV Testing Division having 7 Nos. of Testing Sub-Divisions & 54 Nos. of EHV 132kV/220kV S/S.

Pioneering Efforts

Advent Engineers has enjoyed the first mover advantage in more than one way. True to its policies and value systems, the company overcame innumerable technical hurdles and obstacles to pioneer the manufacture of class rated transformers, especially the CT-PT Current Transformers & Potential Transformers used in heavy industries like the Steel Industry, and Electricity Boards.

Customer Satisfaction

The company makes Transformers that are tailor made to the customer specifications. At Advent Engineers every transformer is treated like an appreciating asset and an international class service remains with the customer before and after the sales. In other words, as the company claims, “Grounded to Customer Satisfaction, Quality & Reliability”

Today, Advent Engineers  is focusing on increasing productivity to meet the growing needs of our country.

At the same time, quality is kept well-balanced with the increase in production.

                                 Total Land                                                : 1600 Sq. Meters (17216 sq feet)

            Directors Office                                                            : 54 Sq Meters

     Marketing & Design Office                                                : 25 Sq Meters

Accounts & Purchase Office   : 30 Sq Meters

Shop Floor Area

Floor 1                                     : 600 Sq Meters

Floor 2                                     : 750 Sq Meters


Store1                                      : 84 Sq Meters

Store 2                                     : 84 Sq Meters

Store 3                                     : 34 Sq Meters

Winding & Insulation in Dust free rooms

All routine test facilities for testing of Instrument Transformers as per IS:2705/1992 and IS:3156/1992 .

Temperature Rise testing facilities as per IS.